Third year practitioners from the BA Theatre Arts course at GB Met Northbrook share their final year work. Prop makers, hair and makeup artists, costume designers and performers have collaborated to share a week of exciting projects.

The week will be divided up into three two-day exhibitions, featuring work from a different group on the course within each period.


The Journey of Women Throughout History, at Home and in the Workplace

The first group will see four students display a collection of images in which they have styled themselves, along with live models and props. Using their research processes they will share an insight into life as a woman throughout history with the audience.


Spaced Out… To Planets Unknown!

The second show will comment on traditional gender roles in modern society by scrutinizing the 1950s ideals towards women. The characters in the story each represent a specific archetype of the 1950s, but not in the way you would expect.

This play on retrofuturism aims to show where the world could have gone if women had not taken control of their own lives and where the world could revert back to if society does not continue to reinforce gender equality.


Earth’s First Settlers

‘Earth’s First Settlers’ allows you to embark upon a journey, exploring the remnants of a civilisation long since dead who travelled to earth over 385 million years ago in pursuit of a new home. This groundbreaking exhibition showcases a number of objects that have enabled historians to piece together the remarkable story of the previously unknown alien race, the Paleoxénos. Through fossil evidence, it has been determined that these people once flourished on earth in the late Devonian period, forced to adapt their culture to survive and operate in a world where life had only just begun to crawl out of the seas.

These discoveries, that previously baffled scientists, are now being pieced together to paint a picture of this previously unknown race, and for the first time are being unveiled to the public.