• This exciting new event celebrates the creativity and collaboration between Northbrook Met and Coastal West Sussex Mind in order to raise awareness in the community about Mental Health and stigma– this being Mental health awareness week 14 – 20 May – people all over the country are getting involved in different activities.
  • Locally we are working with very talented students from Northbrook Met. The Design for Theatre and Film Diploma students will be collaborating on this project by creating a week-long installation and are helping us convey the anti-stigma messages by creating a Sea of Understanding. The installation will feature a growing ‘shoreline’ of painted pebbles, which will gradually spread through the gallery.
  • Students are engaging with other students and staff at Northbrook Met college – taking photos of their hands holding pebbles and wearing Time to Change – lets end mental health discrimination wristbands which will form part of the installation at Colonnade House  – Creative Hub. These photos will also ‘grow’ during the week as the students add more and more photos of hand holding stones as the public engage with the project and hold a stone to show awareness.
  • The installation will also create a growing shoreline of colourful painted pebbles that will reach out with messages and images. The message will be ‘Many pebbles make a shoreline – Many people make a movement’ lets create a sea of understanding and end mental health discrimination
  • At the end of the event these painted pebbles will be dispersed in public places in Worthing for people to pick up / post a photo on social media. Creating a giant pebble hunt across West Sussex (this activity is also happening in other areas of West Sussex). We encourage people to hide their pebble or give it to someone – and make a post if they want to here.
    A final pebble painting party on Saturday 19 May 10.00am – 4.00pm will happen at Colonnade House – Creative Hub all welcome and free of charge. Time to Change Champions and Recovery staff from Coastal West Sussex Mind will be on hand to offer information on the Saturday.