Bringing together the work of the three resident artists at Old Cartshed Studio, Shona Macdonald, Peon Boyle and Michael Lainchbury, the work shown draws inspiration from the natural world captured in wooden sculpture, original prints, paintings and ceramics.

The studio will be launching to the public in September with a range of classes in printmaking, drawing and ceramics. Come and see what’s on offer and get a sense of the creative minds behind it.


Shona Macdonald 

Over the past couple of years, there has been a drive in me to strip back my work to bare, earthy elements. I have a deep affinity with the natural world and have wanted to communicate the immediate, raw beauty of natural, organic materials in my sculptures, using them to convey aspects of the unconscious narratives that come to me when I walk in wild places. Birds have become a focal point in my work recently, (rather oddly as I was afraid of them as a child), and I have become aware of their mythological symbolic status during times of transition or awakening, and have recognised the embodiment of certain human emotions that can be sensed through their positions. 

Similarly, the ink drawing series on show, Journey Through The Forest, can be seen as an allegorical representation of our life path through moments of darkness, opposition, glimpses of light and encounters with beauty. 

Peon Boyle 

In Elemental I want to share the process as well as the finish work. In the recent years I have spent time exploring other medium rather than printmaking. During the lockdown I go back to basic like drawing and painting with ink. Which evolved into my new sets of prints with British Moths and woodland. In this exhibition I share part of my new work and existing work together, combine with installation of an artist desk. It is the details that intrigued me to create. The warm nights I spent outdoor, with the walks in the dark wood… moth, candle light, the moon shined on the surface of the sea. 

Creative is a journey of looking, space for thinking, then marks on surfaces. 

Michael Lainchbury 

My work is essentially Elemental. Clay is eroded from granite over millennia and deposited at the mouths of great rivers. It is moved geographically through the earth before it comes into my hands. After I have shaped the forms and refined the surface, they are submitted to the fire, where the heart of the flame is captured on the surface of the clay, a moment caught in time. The oxides and carbonisation scatter random markings across the form. 

The unpredictable nature of this process has been my passion and fascination, and I’m constantly experimenting to find new ways of using this interplay of fire, smoke and clay. 

Open Tuesday – Saturday // 10.00 – 17.00  (Closed Mondays and Sundays)