Pete Reilly: Portraits & Pop Art

Pete Reilly, Shoreham based artist, is exhibiting a selection of ‘Portraits & Pop Art’ at Colonnade House – bringing colour and style to the gallery.

Pete came to art later in life, although he has always enjoyed visiting galleries and art shops.

At school, he had an inspirational teacher who taught ‘Art appreciation’ instead of practical art which included visits to galleries in London such as The National and Tate Britain. This early insight into the creative world has stuck with him and inspired his continual passion for art.

His work is mainly ‘Pop Art’ & Portraiture. He loves bright primary colours and this is reflected in his paintings which he sees as decorative wall art. His favourite artists and influences have come from Roy Lichtenstein, Dail, Edward Hopper & Yossi Kotler.

Tuesday – Sunday // 10.00 – 17.00