'Cup pair', ceramics by Sarah Mills



Explore the creative worlds of four diverging artists: Sarah Mills, Nicky Bell, Peon Boyle and MoonInk. Presented in words with two and three dimensional art, this is a dynamic show with demonstrations and ‘have a go’ sessions.

The 4 Ps are four Sussex artists who live and derive inspiration from living near the coast. They are coming together at Colonnade House to present a unique experience, making creativity accessible to a wider audience.

Their show delivers a rotation of art and artists. The 4 Ps: Pottery, Paint, Print and Poetry. Visit the central creative area in the Main Gallery at Colonnade House in Worthing and experience the range of disciplines the artists explore during this two week show in August. The exhibition offers a unique chance to be inspired by their creativity with opportunities to purchase the work on display.


Central Activity Area: 4 Ps Carousel of Creation.

A chance to learn and question the artists as they work (schedule to be confirmed).



Sarah Mills Pottery

Functional and fine art porcelain.


Ceramics by Sarah Mills


Be mesmerised by fascinating pottery demonstrations, ­see the clever techniques involved and discover the secrets of hand-building a coil pot and more. Learn about the skilled methods used for decoration and glazing as Sarah Mills shares 24 years of knowledge and experience.

Sarah’s personality matches her art. She loves the creative process and is inspired by the stunning, natural features of the south coast: the sea, sky and downland landscape which are all reflected in her work.

Sarah favours dramatic colours and simple forms to express her vision. She adds bold, monochromatic, lines and brushwork to create contrast and add impact. When her mood calls for the expression of more vibrant work, she uses a brighter related colour pallet.



Nicky Bell Painter

Contemporary watercolour and fine art.


Painting by Nicky Bell


See demonstrations of a very free style based on the wet-on-wet method and interesting techniques taught by Nicky Bell. Be encouraged to explore the therapeutic benefits of painting with watercolours.

Nicky’s work is based on the natural environment, with particular attention paid to landscape, seascape and botanical art, as well as a special emphasis on environmental issues.

In 2016, originally from Bournemouth, Nicky was ready to live and work by the sea again. Her world is art therapy and her work a journey, as she explores ways to define her concept of identity and self in a very individual and personal way.




Peon Boyle Printmaker

Botanical & landscape inspired prints.


'The Red Wood', print by Peon Boyle


Discover Gelli plate printing and drypoint etching with Peon Boyle’s demonstrations. 

Her creative inspiration is found during regular walks on the South Downs at dawn as the changing colours of the sky entices and provides feelings of peace and liberation.

Peon collects plants on the path to bring back to the studio for printing – her way to record the creative journey. The dynamic yet soothing colours she uses allude to the organic materials depicted in the prints, which have an intricate elegance and evoke minimalistic feelings.

Fascinated by marks made in the natural environment, Peon continues to draw and print plants, using Collagraph to depict botanical elements and landscapes. It is through her art that she puts aside the day-to-day routine of being a wife, mother and artist and escapes into the creative landscape.



MoonInk Poetry

Printing unique gifts for all occasions.


'Sea Shanties', poetry t-shirt by MoonInk


Join in and write your own Tanka poem, lots of examples and helpful instructions on how to write a poem will be made available throughout the exhibition. 

MoonInk can print your poem on a t-shirt or bag so you can share your work with the world. 

It is MoonInk’s mission to bring poetry to life by taking the verse out of the book and into the world to gain a wider audience for the poetry in our lives.

The Tanka poems are a contemporary take on the ancient Japanese art of Tanka poetry and the sea and the wildlife that inhabit the South Coast inspire many of the poems

MoonInk believe that everyone should have a little bit of poetry in their lives and print the poetry onto t-shirts, tote bags, aprons and cushions for everyone to see.



Open Tuesday – Sunday // 10.00 – 17.00.