Pride in Worthing: Celebrating Worthing’s LGBTQ+ Artists

From seascapes to sculpture, inkwork to interactive art, this group gallery display showcases talented Worthing artists from across the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Join us as we champion and celebrate our local queer artists.

AMY SUTTON (She/They/He) @TheLadyAmelia

Amy’s art style is fun, colourful and playful. They enjoy exploring cartoon forms, bold colours and ‘messy’ paint effects like splatter and pouring techniques. Their writing explores fairy and folk tales through a queer lens as well as poetry charting a journey into queer identity, and they have recently created a storytelling short film for Xanthe Gresham’s Goddess Lounge, telling the story of Asu-Shu-Namir, the earliest recorded non-binary deity. #PrideInWorthing

BRYONY MAY (They/Them) @BryonyMayArt

Bryony is an artist and poet whose work focuses on feminism, body positivity, mental health and LGBTQIA+ pride. They use their art to highlight the stories of people affected by inequality, and to convey their experiences to people who are not affected by the same issues, or affected differently. They hope that by championing equality in their work they can help to bring a little more understanding and empathy to the world. #PrideInWorthing

PHOEBE MUNSON (She/Her) @pmuink

Born and raised in Sussex, illustrator and artist Phoebe Munson’s work is rooted in a meditation practice which is based around acceptance and the belief that practice doesn’t make perfect, but it does bring positive improvement. She believes that at their core all people are driven to creative expression and tapping into that is important. She shares her work online through a daily blog ( which acts as an online sketchbook and forum for experimenting with different mediums and style. #PrideInWorthing


Keira Thomas was one of the organisers of Worthing Pride in 2019, and was also the originator and organiser of Worthing Pride’s pre-Pride event, Worthing‘s first Proud Prom, which raised £500 for HOPE Charity Project. Keira’s poetry charts her involvement in local LGBTQ+ organisation and her experience as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, among various other topics. Her poem ‘Moving Minds’ was featured in West Sussex MIND’s Mental Health Awareness Week 2021. #PrideInWorthing

TERI FRANCIS (She/Her) @terifrancisartist

Teri works with a variety of mediums including charcoal, pastels, pencil, acrylics, alcohol inks, watercolour and resin. Her art is an exploration of movement, colour and form. Her aim is to evoke emotion and intrigue for the viewer. Teri enjoys studying anatomy, and how the collection of colours, shades and lines, along with each person’s individual energy makes each form beautiful and unique. Fluid art is also a passion of hers, anticipating the movement and collision of colours in the flow of the liquid paint. #PrideInWorthing


For their privacy and safety, this artist has chosen to submit their work anonymously. This digital artist uses their work as a form of self expression, creating personas to express the different forms of themselves and their identity. Their work charts a queer narrative as it moves through many different characters, symbolically representing experiences other queer viewers may resonate with from moments in their own lives. #PrideInWorthing


Tuesday – Saturday // 10.00 – 17.00