One Day Python Coding Bootcamp with Genius Brighton


Have fun in February with the Python Coding Bootcamp  at Colonnade House with Genius Brighton.

ONE DAY PYTHON CODING BOOTCAMP (ages 11 – 18+) // Saturday or Sunday // 10.00 – 16.30 // £60 or £100

You’ll go from zero to hero in Python. You might have done a little bit of coding before, or you might not, it doesn’t matter. We’ll take you through the basics, up to coding some basic games, in one intense day! You’ll be using Raspberry Pi computers, and if stock levels of this magical little devices permit, for the ‘concession’ price you can take the whole setup home with you at the end of the day, and carry on at home! That’s the computer, the keyboard, mouse, charging cable and monitor cable (you’ll need your own monitor at home). (Note: At the time of writing, chip shortages and stock levels of Raspberry Pis are very low, so we’ll review this offer nearer the time.)

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For the £100 ‘concession’ price, you get to take home the Raspberry Pi computer you’ll be using, plus a keyboard, mouse and cables! (This is highly subject to stock availability at the time, unfortunately, but if we can’t supply it, you’ll get a refund.)

About Andrew Riley-Watson

Hi – I’m Andrew, and I run Genius Brighton educational workshops. You might know us from our Venture Coders workshops. I’m a working scientist – a physicist – working in geophysics and data science. I’ve been running workshops like this, in and around Brighton, for children since around 2015. I also tutor maths, physics and coding privately.

Our workshops are all about developing the skills our children will need in the future – it’s not about creating a generation of computer scientists! We want to create a generation of children that have the skills to follow their passion wherever it takes them, without feeling restricted by a rigid education. That means having the confidence to learn new things, to solve problems, to not be afraid to dive into something new. This, more than anything else, is what you can expect from our workshops.

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