An assortment, arrangement of bodies, of diamonds, terrestrial objects perhaps?

This new body of work emanates from the starting point of the physical position of the gallery space at Colonnade House, situated directly opposite Whibleys Jewellers.

Creating imagery using archaic analogue photographic processing and contemporary digital editing, the methods Rebecca uses within her work spans the extremities of photography’s rich history. The resultant two dimensional images suggest scientific imagery, such as x-rays and microscopic slides, taking the viewer beyond, past the limitations of unaided human perception.

Themes of space and time, light and dark, perceptual and inaccessible aspects of being, sit at the core of Rebecca’s practice. These cylindrical, suspended objects protruding from the gallery wall, with their subtle tonal variations, echo the moment of their creation.

Rebecca McCardle is a resident artist at Cast 45 East Beach Studios, member of East Beach Studios Artists Collective, team organiser of Worthing Artists Open Houses and teaches at Greater Brighton Metropolitan College.

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Cluster – Rebecca McCardle