Reflections from the Seaside

Sue Harding (BA Hons)

Tuesday 22nd November – Saturday 3rd December

Tues – Sat 10am – 5pm


The work of Sue Harding is simultaneously arresting and familiar. Her paintings allow you into her life, creating a unique view on seaside living whist inviting you to see your own beach-side experiences in her colourful and lively images. She manages to capture the atmosphere of a perfect afternoon by the sea in a way more akin to a fond memory than a traditional piece of art. Sue’s work is part biography, part love letter to seaside life.

In her own words Sue describes her reasons behind Reflections from the Seaside simply as:

“I love living by the sea and have a fascination for painting the sea and shoreline and enjoy depicting our collective experience of visiting the seaside… From nostalgic paintings depicting days and holidays gone by to current scenes, in this exhibition I hope to illustrate our experience and love of the seaside”

Sue expands on her thoughts about the contrast of a changing family life and the wonderful stalwart of the coast in saying:

“Many of my images depict my own family, from Great Aunts enjoying the seaside in the 1920s, my Mum and Dad in the 1950s, my children in the 1970s, through to my granddaughter in the 2000s, illustrating how through the different decades all families have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, the unique excitement and experience of being by the sea.”

Originally an actor who trained at the Italia Conti Stage School and appeared in both films and television Sue’s love of painting eventually took over, culminating in her first solo exhibition at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth  in 1990. Since then she has held many exhibitions and sells her art at a variety of galleries, shops and cafés. Sue has continued to train and undertook a degree in Fine Art at Worthing’s very own Northbrook College where she achieved her Honours degree in 2003.

We are delighted to welcome Sue to Colonnade House and hope you will join us for Reflections from the Seaside which is on display: Tuesday 22nd November – Saturday 3rd December

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