Ruth Mulvie painting: Saltdean

Ruth Mulvie is a Contemporary Fine Artist, known for her use of brilliant, bold colour palettes and distinctive, hand-painted aesthetic. Graduating from the Glasgow School of Art, where she studied painting, Mulvie enjoys exploring the “endless potential” of colour, always experimenting, mixing and combining, to get that perfect shade or balance. Comparisons are often made with Hockney: glamorous women in 1950s bikinis lounge around swimming pools, palm trees speckle the horizon, while the sky holds the rich intensity of LA heat. As well as the themes and motifs, Mulvie also captures that same, compelling sense of flat perspective that Hockney is known for, yet she manages to create depth at the same time, building up foreground elements or adding in distant detail.

Ruth Mulvie portrait photo
In ‘There’s No place Like It’, Ruth’s upcoming exhibition at Colonnade House in Worthing, part of the Worthing Artists Open Houses, she jokingly plays with the idea of the holiday resort as a place of pleasure and escape. However all is not as it seems. Ruth carefully crafts her paintings from digital collages using found imagery creating scenes familiar yet strange. In ‘There’s No Place Like it’, The Beach House in Worthing is nestled amongst flying elephants and a candy floss machine.

Admirers - Ruth Mulvie
Beyond the strong, visual prowess, Mulvie’s work powerfully simulates a mood: her art transports us to sunnier climbs and invites us into glorious scenes and vistas, for a truly immersive experience.

What’s your work about?
I’ve been passionate about art since I was a kid. I trained at Glasgow School of Art and studied painting. At the heart of all of my work is colour. Exploring its endless potential is one of the things I enjoy. I spend a lot of time simply mixing and combining colours.

What inspires you?
The imagery I pick varies depending on what I feel like painting, but it all fits into several broad themes of pleasure. It started when I was at art school and made trips to Blackpool to photograph rollercoasters. I used strange filters and processing techniques to help me heighten the colours. I remember driving down to Blackpool from Glasgow and sleeping in the car on the promenade so I could be out first thing to capture the feel of the place with my camera. I fell in love with the Tower Ballroom and I just love all things seaside. It holds tremendous romance for me. Living in Lancing in a beautiful Victorian House across from the sea felt like coming home.

This exhibition is part of Worthing Artists Open Houses. Please note: the main artists trail is open at the weekends only.

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