Seashore, Pathways & Cool Moments


18th – 25th September

We are excited to welcome Josephine Jones to Colonnade House- Creative Hub. Below Josephine sets out what her new exhibition Seashore, Pathways & Cool Moments encapsulates as well as what compels her to paint:

For me, Beauty and Love are among the most important things, and if we focussed more on them than on commerce and competition, we might progress more quickly as The People of this Beautiful Planet Earth … it is our home in the Cosmos and we could do worse than treat it with a much greater respect.  Many Painters have tried to capture the loveliness of this truly wonderful Gift, but who can recreate in pigment, what was created with Love and Light: we can only produce a poor facsimile.  I feel privileged to be a part of it and to live and paint in the lovely garden of West Sussex.

In my Exhibition Seashore, Pathways & Cool Moments I have brought together a sample of recent work, which I hope you will enjoy.  

I do not know why I paint, other than Nature inspires me to do so.  I am fascinated by the whole fractal thing: and the shape, structure, colour, texture and arrangement of plants and flowers – developing a direct copy, or abstract impression, or mosaic, taken from photographs, sketches and memory, in whichever media gives me the finished picture I am after.  Any art can only be an imitation of the real thing: so perhaps it is to try to capture something beautiful that I see, or retain a beautiful moment.

I love the idea of Art for Public Spaces, and given a larger work-space, I would love to work really big.  Until then, small is going to have to be my beautiful.