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10 Steps to Creative Success

Do you need some guidance and support to move your creative business forward?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed at the amount of  multitasking required to win, let alone deliver your work?

Do your creative energies ever feel depleted?

Join us for a talk by Jan Burgess, Founder of SOL Design Collective, who presents 10 Steps to Creative Success; Jan’s 10 point plan is designed to help creative businesses focus their energies and help prioritise effort to  ensure optimum resilience within their creative practise.

This workshop can literally save you hours of pondering and procrastination.

You will leave with an understanding of where you are now, where you want to be, and what areas require immediate attention.

Sign up, come, share and be prepared to leave armed with the know-how and understanding of how to  ready to step forward on the path to greater creative success.

This session is full of top tips, advice and multiple stories about the 1000 + creative arts practitioners within SOL Design Collective who are supporting each other’s professional development through peer learning. Designed for any artist, maker or creative wishing to unblock constraints to growth, this talk will enable you to understand how to provide your business with a stable and balanced foundation.

Tickets are £15. Book here