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The Price is Right!

A workshop to help you find the right PRICE for your artwork.

Do you have niggles of doubt around pricing your artwork?

Do you wonder whether your prices are too high, or too low?

Do you feel the income you generate represents value for your time?

Do you ever wonder if you can afford to be an artist?

Pricing can be a sensitive and emotive subject. In this popular workshop, we talk about the basic principles of pricing, value and worth. 

We understand it can be a difficult arena to tackle for artists, makers and creatives. This session breaks down the fundamentals around pricing and will help dispel commonly held myths and misunderstandings about pricing artwork.

We provide you with a clear set of guidelines, a workbook and pricing plan against which you will be able to review and assess your own pricing decisions.

If you are ready to remove the guess work, and get comfortable and cosy with costs, then reserve your seat and ensure your Price is Right!

You will leave with a better understanding of what to charge and why; a workbook and examples of how to identify your own cost elements, a breakdown of example costs, price types and pricing models to help improve your confidence in pricing.

Tickets are £15. Book here.