Work by Della Clarke



Sonia Srebric: Memories

Sonia Srebric

Visual artist Sonia Srebric’s latest project is inspired by historical costumes and fancy dress. Taking photographs of costumes, Sonia reworks them and prints them on Acetate, producing a ghostly vintage negative effect.

Based in Worthing, Sonia takes inspiration from the history of interesting people who have lived locally, particularly enjoying visiting the expansive costume collection at Worthing Museum and thinking about the people who would have worn them. She believes that modern images of vintage costumes could easily appear to have been taken centuries ago, as fashion transcends generations.

‘Memories’ is a photographic exhibition that attempts to preserve and recapture moments in time, blurring the lines between 1919 and 2019.

Photograph by Sonia Srebric

Della Clarke: Energy

Work by Della Clarke

Della Clarke’s artwork is inspired by nature and the importance of respecting its beauty, the life-giving force and how much we depend on it.This exhibition seeks to convey the vitality in and around living things focusing on trees and other plants and looking closely at different textures of surfaces.

The title for this body of work is ‘Energy’. Della explains that this because “ it is what plants give us via oxygen and food; we couldn’t survive without them.” She has always been fascinated by the intricacies and complex structures of living things.

Della is currently studying for a BA in Fine Art at Northbrook MET College in Worthing. Her favourite mediums are oil, charcoal and graphite. She enjoys going out into the natural landscape to sketch or take photos as a starting point for her work.

Open Tuesday – Sunday // 10.00 – 17.00.