Sue Mulholland: Art For The Heart

A Collection of Original Paintings by Worthing Artist, Sue Mulholland 

Sue is fascinated by the nature of colour and the colour of nature! ‘My heart leaps for joy at the colours of the world; I paint from my heart and hope it  will speak to yours.’ 

Sue’s art is born from the shifting faces of nature and the colours that abound. She  has travelled extensively, exploring new cultures and landscapes with a constant  sense of wonder at our beautiful planet. Whilst these travels have brought images  from distant landscapes and cultures, Sue’s main source of inspiration is from her  daily wanderings around the local coast and country with her canine companion,  Phoebe. 

Sue’s visions of the transient colours and patterns of the coast and countryside are  transformed into often-magical, bold and vibrant paintings. 


From daybreak to dusk, the colours that permeate and define our vision are the focus of her ethereal seascapes, vivid, colour-drenched woodland and coastal scenes,  light-hearted promenade views, dancing Spring meadow flowers and gale-swept waves crashing onto the coastline. Sue aims to distill the essence of her emotional response to her surroundings, into two-dimensional, abstracted paintings of a  magical, fantasy world of colour and pattern, portraying the capricious moods and  memories of numerous wanderings around her Sussex home. 

After graduating in Art & Art History in Oxford, Sue lived in the Cotswolds, before she moved, over thirty years ago, to Worthing – the town that has captured her heart.  

One of her favourite quotes is: 

Every child is an artist 

The problem is  

How to remain an artist  

Once he grows up 

Pablo Picasso 

Sue hopes you will enjoy her ‘Art for the Heart’ at Colonnade House, Warwick  Street, Worthing from 29th March to 3rd April 2022.

Find Sue at and Instagram @gigglewick

Tuesday – Sunday // 10.00 – 17.00