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This year we are thrilled to work again with Worthing Film Club as they return to their fantastically immersive On Location screenings.

From Worthing Film Club:

Having organised many successful on-location screenings in the past, we at Worthing Film Club are excited to present a very special screening of this Italian horror masterpiece. Expect the unexpected and prepare to be bewitched at this immersive cinematic experience.

Dario Argento is the legendary Italian horror filmmaker who has dazzled and terrified audiences throughout the world for decades with his visually astonishing and often gruesome works. Unlike anything that has come before in the genre of horror, Suspiria is a riot of sound, fury and imagery that somehow manages to come across as both gruesome and poetic, it’s a wonderful combination of visceral horror and visual beauty. Argento’s Suspiria remains a truly one-of-a-kind cinematic experience, we really hope you will join us for this journey to the dark side.

More about WFC:

Worthing Film Club is a film society running since 2007, dedicated to screening films that don’t get an airing in our town. We carefully select great independent films & hidden cult gems from World Cinema, from older classics to new releases that may have otherwise slipped through the net at your local cinema.