An evening at Worthing Beach with the sun sinking behind Worthing’s award winning pier. .

Sussex Sights

Hi. I’m Len, 54 years of age, and an avid photographer who is always in search of that perfect picture.

In the past, I have been lucky enough to work on cruise ships visiting many foreign countries and even spent 7½ years in South Africa photographing its wildlife.

However, despite spending time in many exotic locations, Worthing and Sussex still remain closest to my heart and is always going to be the place I return to.

I hope, through this exhibition, to convey my love for the diversity of scenery that Sussex has to offer; whether that be from along the beaches and chalk cliffs, the towns and cities with their historic landmarks, or the peaceful countryside with its rolling downs and woodland.


Boxgrove Priory and grounds converted to monochrome while retaining the bright red poppies.


This six bladed mill was originally built in 1828 on Kingston Ridge, east of the village of Kingston (near Lewes) but was destroyed during a gale in 1916. Permission to build this facsimile was granted in 2007 to the Sussex Mills Group provided that it was both environmentally friendly and be used to generate electricity for the national grid.


A romantic couple enjoy the sunset in Brighton’s romantic bandstand.


A lady enjoys the evening’s solitude on top of Cissbury Ring, Worthing, with High Salvington Windmill in the background.