Liz English Exhibition 2022

Hattie Lockhart-Smith: The Ups on the Downs

The Ups on the Downs is a series of mixed media work created by Hattie Lockhart Smith in her studio in Shoreham by Sea, the title reflecting the benefits of spending time outdoors for both physical and mental wellbeing.

During lockdown Hattie spent time on the Sussex Downs taking photos and making sketches and found her local area on Mill Hill just above Shoreham a great place for inspiration, being able to see the river Adur, the Channel, the wind farm, the docks and the A27 flyover. 

The shapes of the manmade structures combined with the rhythms of the natural landscape have inspired Hattie to work on a series of paintings which she is still developing today.

Hattie begins a new body of work by taking photos and some rough sketches to capture key elements of the space – this may be physical or emotional. Once back in the studio photos are printed off and any lines or shapes of interest are noted and developed.

Working in a palette of 4 colours Hattie begins putting down the first layers of the painting; she has an idea for the starting point but not how the painting will be finished.

There are several layers to the works which incorporate paint, monoprints either printed directly onto the piece or through collage printed by Hattie and sometimes stitch work, The many layers represent the history of the landscape and create a surface which has a lot of depth.

The paintings, although initially inspired by the landscape, take on their own identity as the layers are added evolving into colourful abstracts.

Work in progress 


You can find more of Hattie’s work on her Instagram and website.

Tuesday – Sunday // 10.00 – 17.00 (Closed Monday)