Tom Gillham’s paintings are his way of expressing feelings about places, people and personal thoughts and emotions that are for him (and many of us) rather difficult to put in words.      

His paintings are created using spontaneous marks.  Using a variety of mediums, an acrylic laden palette knife, oil brushed on canvas or an electronic pen on screen, the results are a wonderful mix of images from life, his subconscious, imagination and memory. 

“Challenging my fear of making mistakes meant embracing accidents, when I paint, rather than correcting them as mistakes“  

Tom’s intuitive semi-abstract paintings show an influence of Frank Bowling, as a ‘poet of paint’ he was the focus of his research for his Master of Fine Art degree studies at University of Brighton (2017-19).  

“Let chaos play it’s role in art practice, as chance events do in life.” 

Tom’s expressive gestures and washes fragment figures and dissolve colourful landscapes, reformed into ‘mindscapes’. His body of work combines energetic life drawings, wonderful impressionistic scenes illuminated by light, along with reflections of states of mind.

“I am fascinated how our diverse stories, shared journeys and dreams are retold as universal myths and woven into our psyche by art and media.”

Tom makes time to create and finds peace in his Sussex studio.  He hopes his art connects emotionally with others now and in the future.

You find out more on Tom’s website and instagram.