Tom Gillham: Tomarto


“Pop in and savour the taste of my T🍅M ART🍅 Soup collection”.

The Tomarto exhibition is a variety soup of recent paintings that reflect emotional states mixed with meditations on things, people and places.

“Painting’s my way of sharing stuff that is tricky for me to put in words.”

Tom’s vibrant colour palette and spontaneous marks create expressive semi-abstract mindscape from imagination, memory combined with real landscapes.

“My choice of colour palette and expressive gestures can express my mood at that moment in time, as much as the state of the subject itself.”

Tom jumped at the opportunity to travel to County Down in North of Ireland to take part in Landscape Artist of the Year (Sky Arts 2023). His plein-air painting of Castle Ward was created with acrylic and oil on wood.

“Natural beauty lies within imperfection and embraces human diversity and frailty, and so I incorporate organic accidents within my art.”

The Tomarto soup collection features recent drawings, made from life, applying pastels, inks to paper and printed digital drawings.

“I hope my pictures can connect with others, now and in the future.”

Tuesday – Sunday // 10.00 – 17.00