Walter Wall is back at Colonnade House with this latest collection of work; 

‘After three turbulent days, the fog was beginning to lift.

No one quite knew what to expect, even though a number of us had visited before when flying was the norm. Now however, the the climate was changing and everything was in a constant state of flux.’ (fragment 36)

Sometimes I have a very clear idea of what I want to create. At other times I have no idea. It can be exhilarating or frustrating, thought provoking or puzzling. It doesn’t necessarily come naturally. Whatever the feelings it generates I have the urge to do it. It’s both a compulsion and an indulgence. It’s like exploring and playing all at the same time. Always fluid and evolving. It’s like a romance with the unknown.

At times working through the process triggers an inspirational moment that stimulates analogies and this can lead to a series of explorations round a theme. Recently I’ve been interested in ideas around fragments which came out of the way I was making a painting.

These ’Fragment’ paintings were made within the last 2 years. They may also be considered as fragments of my artistic practice which in itself is just a small fragment of my lived experience.

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