Dylan & Adrienne Shields: Shaped

Worthing, A Spirit of Place

This exhibition brings together two visual artists collaborating on describing Worthing, its character and individuality.  Carolyn McConnell, a fine artist, and Paul Kemp a photographer, brought together by an initial random encounter, with Paul wandering the promenade finding subjects to photograph for his ongoing project.

An image taken, a portrait shared, Carolyn then worked upon the image, copying and enlarging, tracing and painting.  Carolyn, a returning artist at Colonnade House then invited Paul to collaborate in an exhibition.

The two have been working together, going on walks to document the spaces they inhabit. Upon review of the images, they have been deciding as a unit which images to be selected as images and which for Carolyn to take and use as inspiration for her painting.  It has been a journey for both, and they are excited to see how their work will continue to be shaped and evolve.

The exhibition will feature a mix of black and white printed images and paintings comprised of oils on board.  The square images will be presented in a grid, allowing viewers to explore the narrative of the production process and engage in images that show the character of Worthing that they depict.

Projection room at the Some cinema

Carolyn McConnell

Carolyn McConnell (BA Fine Art) is a returning artist to Colonnade House who needed inspiration to start work again. For this exhibition she has been exploring historical colour works on a different surface with water-based oils in response to the photography and challenges given to her by the photographer, Paul Kemp.  Her influences for this project are Frida Kahlo, Patrick Caulfield, Henry Bond, Bracha Ettinger and Milton Avery.



Paul Kemp

A photographic enthusiast since his youth, Paul Kemp graduated from Brighton University in 2002 with a degree in Editorial photography, and a Masters in 2009.  After university, Paul taught photography as well as continuing to photograph, working with large format cameras and analogue methods.  After over a decade Paul has recently finished teaching, with now more time to focus on his own Photography.  His work has also changed from landscape photography to now a documentary project goal, with his work exploring how people and places interact.


Open Tuesday – Sunday // 10.00 – 17.00