Welcome to Worthing’s underwater nursery run by a fatherly fish, the black sea bream!

Every spring a spectacular migration of beautiful black bream arrives at Kingmere reef, a few miles off the Worthing beach. Black bream come here to breed. It’s up to the dads to do the housework here – the male fish makes a huge nest and then protects his precious eggs until they hatch, defending them from countless hungry mouths. Kingmere is so important for these special fish that Government designated it a Marine Conservation Zone in 2013, so spawning bream are now protected there. The ‘Worthing’s Super-Dads of the Sea’ exhibition will show for the first time fascinating photos and footage from 2018’s breeding season on the Kingmere reef, as well as lots of other amazing sea creatures – so colourful, you won’t believe it’s Worthing! You can also find out from local fishermen, divers and anglers why they treasure Kingmere Marine Conservation Zone. And there will be an expert on hand to answer your questions. You will also have opportunity to use your crafting skills to make the exhibition’s very own Kingmere Reef, that will grow and grow over the weeks.

This is a unique opportunity to find out what it is that makes the sea off Worthing so special and it is absolutely free! So come to Colonnade House this February half term and discover the amazing Kingmere Marine Conservation Zone.



14 February // 17.00 – 19.00.

For a Valentine’s Day like no other, come along to our adults only late opening! Take a moment to enjoy our exhibition with a small glass of red/ white wine per person*.
*18yrs+, whilst it lasts!

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