Apply to exhibit your work at West Buildings Shelter, an outdoor exhibition space offering the opportunity for artists to exhibit their work to a wide audience of visitors. 

Since the first pop up exhibition in summer 2020, there have now been 10 exhibitions from a range of local artists exhibited at the West Buildings Shelter. From the inaugural exhibition ‘By the Sea’, to solo exhibitions from photographers Steve Gallagher and Barry Falk, to a photography exhibition created by Worthing Food Foundation. The West Sheltler has seen an array of exhibitions from local artists. 

The most recent exhibition ‘The Stations’ featured photographs by photographer and campaigner Marksteen Adamason. It is a unique project that traces the journey of refugees, provoking reflection and calling from a response from those more fortunate. After being exhibited in various locations across the country, local resident Rod Thick worked with the Catholic Parish of Lancing and Worthing to bring the exhibition to Worthing Seafront for the first time. 

We spoke to local resident Rod Thick about his experience with co-ordinating ‘The Stations’.

The coordination of the exhibition went very well, especially due to the help and expertise of the staff at Colonnade House.

Having ‘The Stations’ exhibited in a public space had the advantage of attracting more visitors to see the exhibition. Approximately 6000 people walk past it each week and as its in a free space where many people will stop to view the exhibition, it encourages people to stop and have a look. I consider this amount of visitors to be a far greater number than if it was exhibited in a building. 

To Exhibit at The West Buildings Shelter is free, but artists will need to provide printing costs. To register your interest and to find out more email;