The Geminate II project turned Colonnade House into a fun creative experience that brought hundreds of people out to play in the evenings in Worthing.

Artists Adam Seaman and Jim Horsfield – known for their live visuals with musicians Portishead, Beardyman and others – chose Worthing and Colonnade House as the ideal place to try out some new ideas. They combined motion sensor technology that you can find in an X-Box with their own unique visual programming that transformed people as they passed the gallery into moving digital colours and shapes.

Adam and Jim brought in the expertise of movement consultant Jennifer Irons and composer Andrew Phillips to bring the most out of the interaction between people, images and sound, hoping to transform people’s experience of public space. The outline of a hand on the window invited people to fit their hand into the shape and gave control of both the image and the sound, adding another dimension to the experience.

We followed this up with an evening event called The Art of Interactive Space at St Paul’s Arts Centre on April 26th that widened the conversation about interactive technology, and were very pleased to be joined by some other fascinating projects – including Giddy, the Firefly project, PlanktonWorld and a glimpse into the world of mixed reality.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to that event, and to Adam and Jim from As Described for making Geminate II happen, and to our funders and supporters Arts Council England, Worthing Borough Council, Adur & Worthing Trust and St Pauls.