Tue 21st March 2017 – Sun 2nd April 2017

17.00 – 22.00 

Interactive digital artists Adam Seaman and Jim Horsfield have taken over the main gallery at Colonnade House. In collaboration with award winning and Oscar nominated composer Andrew Phillips and movement choreographer Jennifer Irons they have produced GEMINATE II.

The aim is transform the main gallery window of Colonnade House into an interactive display. Utilising motion sensors, projectors and speakers to create playful digital shadows of anyone who passes by or interacts with the window.   The end result, from the outside at least, would be a clean, colourful display that not only engages members of the public but would ask them to investigate further, to stop and to play.

The get in:


What began with just a few boxes soon morphed into a room full of cables, projectors and computer screens.


Huge sheets of window vinyl were stuck to the curved window of the gallery obscuring the view of the street and park.


And as the view outside became more mysterious the view inside the gallery became a labyrinth of cables and lights whilst Adam and Jim busily positioned, re-positioned and then tweaked projectors and window vinyl until it achieved exactly what they wanted it to.

Click play on the video below to see the transformation for yourself, and please do come to Colonnade House between 5pm to 10 pm from Tue 21st March 2017 – Sun 2nd April 2017 to interact with the gallery like never before.