April at Colonnade House

As well as new shows this month at Colonnade House, scroll down for Creative Commissions projects and more in Adur & Worthing;

West Sussex Art Society Annual Show 2022
3 – 7 May 2022 // 10.00 – 17.00 // Free, Open daily

Discover this year’s prize winners as chosen by judge Philip Jackson from this talented multi-art form group of artists, including some who work from the studios at Colonnade House. Amongst the exhibits you can explore a gallery within a gallery as the Doll’s House Gallery returns with its own updated exhibition.

West Sussex Art Society
Riot + Payne
10 – 15 May 2022 // 10.00 – 17.00 // Free

Neighbours Suzy and Michele work in their garden studios and friendship blossomed through their shared passion for art. Michele’s background in surface design and Suzy’s training as an illustrator results in a colourful and striking show where black and white lino-cuts rub shoulders with dreamy abstract gardens.

Suzy Riot: Henry Whippet
Urzsula Kasza: Inspired Motivation
10 – 15 May 2022 // 10.00 – 17.00 // Free, Open daily

Urszula’s story is truly inspiring. After having a stroke at the age of 32, art has proved to be a lifeline for both her mental and physical rehabilitation. Her subjects range from animals and people to the landscapes she has visited across Europe. 

Urszula Kasza
Samuel Murdoch: Human Nature
17 – 22 May 2022 // 10.00 – 17.00 // Free, Open daily

Drawing on graffiti and skateboarding aesthetics, Colonnade House studios member Samuel studies the cross-over between humans and the rest of the natural world. How different are we? How much the same? Having travelled widely Samuel’s anthropological eye is well placed to come up with some inspiring new answers to these big questions.  

Sam Murdoch: Barry
Mary Kinsella: Sea Views & Other Stories
17 – 28 May 2022 // 10.00 – 17.00 // Free, Open daily

If the breathtaking colours of a sunset over the sea can lift your spirits, the superb mixing of colours and textures in Mary Kinsella’s work will make you positively ecstatic. Working on a grand scale for this exhibition her work moves between seascape and abstract and makes full use of the power of colour and the drama of nature.


Mary Kinsella
Amélie Collyer: Botanicals
24 – 28 May 2022 // 10.00 – 17.00 // Free, Open daily

During lockdown Amélie was unable to use her newly opened studio The Art House, but instead of losing heart she got busy learning new skills. Flowers provided subject matter as she got busy painting and sketching and creating decorative designs for pottery and furniture. Come and enjoy the results!


Amélie Collyer
The results are in!

Nine projects were awarded funding by Adur & Worthing Trust and there is so much to look forward to as they take place across Adur & Worthing this year. Get involved in the processes of shearing, washing, carding, dying and spinning wool at Sompting Community Farm, enjoy a drag extravaganza at Coast Cafe, take part in free activities from a group of Coastal Creatives exhibiting at the West Shelter, visit exhibitions of kaleidoscopic art in Worthing and Shoreham. There are more projects to come throughout the year so keep checking the listings on our website and follow us on Instagram.

Congratulations to all!


Mary Kinsella
Anna Brownsted: One of Us
May – September 2022 // The Seafront Gallery, Worthing

Coming soon to Worthing’s Seafront Gallery is an artwork commissioned by Worthing Borough Council as part of the celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Anna’s work will span the seven decades of the Queen’s reign and include an augmented reality layer that can be accessed via your phone.


Queens Platinum Jubilee Logo
AudioActive in Worthing

Music charity AudioActive have opened a new space in Worthing and have put a call-out for like-minded people, artists, brands or organisations to share it – including:
– Renting office space
– Opening a record store
– Renting a studio
– Promoting gigs and events

Register your interest here.


Audio Active