Two new exciting exhibitions by Jonathan Browning & Diane Bailey come to Worthing Beach this Summer at The Seafront Gallery & West Buildings Shelter.

To give a boost to the local art industry as the country moves out of lockdown, Worthing Borough Council with support from the team at the creative hub Colonnade House, have continued to offer outdoor exhibition space in 2021. 

A new photography exhibition exploring the rise of sea swimming during the coronavirus pandemic, is in Worthing. Created by photographer Jonathan Browning and sponsored by Brighton-based MPB, the world’s largest online platform for used photography and videography equipment, ‘A Winter’s Swim’ is open at Worthing Borough Council’s new exhibition space, ‘The Seafront Gallery’.

Straying from typical subject material, Browning’s series captures the pandemic in a new way. The closing of swimming pools saw swimmers taking to the British coasts, which became the main inspiration for this project. This photographic series features 19 images shot at dawn across iconic British coastal locations including Brighton Beach and Shoreham Harbour.

Jonathan Browning, the photographer behind the exhibition said:

“We are living in historic times and I believe it is important to document the unique moments that happen in our day to day lives. I thought this was a wonderful story that is linked to the pandemic without focusing on quarantine or social distancing.”

The exhibition is going ahead with sponsorship from MPB. Matt Barker, Founder and CEO at MPB commented:

“Jonathan’s work sheds a positive light on a difficult time for many people, and we’re honoured to play a role in sharing that with the local community. We have always been committed to making the field of photography more accessible so that more people can experience uplifting work like this and feel empowered to capture unique moments like this themselves with affordable kit that’s readily available.”

A Winter’s Swim is viewable until October 2021.

From The Seafront Gallery if you stroll west along Worthing’s historic promenade at any time, day or night, and you will encounter a new exhibition at the West Buildings Shelter entitled ‘All Around’. It depicts bright and engaging images by wildlife artist Diane Bailey. 

Diane has travelled extensively, seeking out the exotic, and is a seasoned experienced scuba diver.

I once took a whole year out to dive around the world.

I investigated many famous dive sites but also discovered new remote ones. I love the excitement of ancient wrecks, underwater caverns, cliffs and reefs, and seeing the amazing life they contain.

She has had close encounters with many exotic animals, and often paints them. But now, in this exhibition, against the backdrop of Worthing’s beautiful shore and sea, she chooses to focus on the creatures that live amongst us. She celebrates their diversity and individuality in her inimitable style. 

She has taken numerous commissions from people seeking gifts for family members to commemorate loved pets, but also those wanting something remarkable and out of the ordinary. 

Positive and uplifting, this exhibition will be on show until 2nd August.

To find out more about The Seafront Gallery or West Buildings Shelter, visit  to express interest.