“Capturing local stories and elevating them to an art installation


Viewable from 4 August, The Lancing Story Buildings project will capture some local stories and elevate them to an art piece to be displayed at Brooklands Pleasure Park and Lakes.

It is a project about people and place. I have made a recognisable, tangible and durable set of ceramic buildings that represent local Lancing residents and their experience of life in Lancing. Producing four detailed sculptures that can be widely appreciated and are hopefully appealing to the public audience.

I lived in Walthamstow for 40 years and every street that I walk down there evokes a memory for me. I have a real connection with some of the buildings in Walthamstow and wondered if this was the case for people in other towns.

I hope that the little buildings that I create will really resonate with the Lancing public. 

Like stories, places change over time – extensions and double glazing are added to buildings, the stories given to me are interpreted by me so will change through that process – like the passing down of myths.

I will be documenting the miniature buildings on social media and revealing the stories within each building. 

A link to Instagram and Facebook will be displayed next to the ceramic buildings so that the public can take photos and comment on the buildings tagging me too.

Lancing Buildings illustrated;

– Luxor Cinema

– Lancing Sailing Club

– The Empire Club

– Goring House (was Yew Tree Farm House)

Lancing Story Buildings Launch

August 4 // 17.00 – 19.00 // Brooklands Pleasure Park, Car Park next to Bird Box Coffee Café.

Brooklands Pleasure Park
Western Road
BN15 8RR

Artist Walk and Talk

Alice Mara will give a tour around the park, to all the four buildings that she’s made. She will be talking about how she made the pieces, what inspires her – any questions welcome.

September 4 // 13.00 – 14.00

Start – Car Park next to Bird Box Coffee Cafe, Brooklands Pleasure Park
Western Road
BN15 8RR


Who is Alice Mara?

I am a local ceramic artist specialising in creating ceramic buildings decorated with a photographic, realistic narrative.

Since graduating from the Royal College of Art I have exhibited my work at many Art Fairs  and galleries around the world and have had great success in showing work consistently in the Summer exhibition at The Royal Academy in London and Scotland.

Find out more;

Instagram:  @alicemaraceramics

Facebook:  Alice Mara Ceramics

Website: www.alicemara.com

Email: alicemara@hotmail.com