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Barry Falk & Paul Kemp: The Circle & Worthing: A Portrait of a Town

Two local photographers working in collaboration looking at documenting a specific location, Barry Falk’s work, looking at his family’s connection to an area in London, and Paul Kemp’s work documenting different aspects of Worthing. This project will be free to view & workshops to take part in at Colonnade House in August 2024.


Barry Falk

Barry Falk’s work begins with a return to his hometown of Belmont Circle, northwest London, after a forty-year gap, to explore his memory of the area. His return trips have involved walking familiar yet unfamiliar streets and venturing into the local woods where he spent a great deal of his childhood. He seeks to capture a sense of the unheimliche: where home has become uncanny and time truncated.

Paul Kemp

Paul Kemp’s work grew from a push to connect with his new home of Worthing. Using his camera as a visual device he set out to explore and discover his local surroundings. Paul has traversed the area, seeking to capture the infinite details of place and the particular features that makes Worthing.

Key Dates

Exhibition at Colonnade House, Worthing // Barry Falk & Paul Kemp: HOME // 13 – 18 August

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