The Coastal Creatives: Creative Commissions 2022
The Coastal Creatives: Conserve, Create, Change

A collaboration of three local Creative Artists on a mission to celebrate and conserve our beaches and coastline and encourage artistic creativity (Illustration, beach plastic art,  photography and lyric – song writing) through their own work and by engaging others in positive artistic, inclusive, community and well-being activities to enjoy and bring about  awareness and change. 

The Exhibition will be displayed at the West Buildings Shelter on Worthing Promenade  from Wednesday 6th July to Friday 30th September 2022.  

Amanda Beck (artist – Illustrator) will create and display illustrations which highlight the  beauty and heritage of our coast together with seaside activities and places to visit  (including those that encourage conservation). She will share art and sketching tips  alongside tailored drawing activities to suit all abilities.  

Carmen Haselup (beach trash artist – artivist) will inspire people to beach clean, re imagine what gets thrown away and create their own works of art, presenting something  positive to do in the face of the climate crisis and a new form of artivism. Her exhibition will  show the plastic she has collected on Sussex ‘beach cleans’ to then use to create her  three dimensional artwork focusing on the wildlife that is impacted by tideline trash and  pollution.  

Chris Beck (songwriter – musician – actor) Inspired by ‘isolation’ and his daily walks along  the beach, he will share inclusive ‘hands on’ creative and well-being activities inviting  everyone to search for and find a pebble face on the beach to name,  photograph and share, together with a related lyric writing and music composition activity.  

The West Buildings Shelter at Worthing is the perfect venue to present our collaborative work and remind people of how magnificent our beach is and what can be  done to enjoy and maintain it. It will act as a beacon on the promenade attracting  audiences from West Sussex and beyond and from all walks of life. We hope people will  join us and engage in our creative pastimes so that we can all continue doing the things  we love and at the same time, enjoy, care for and preserve our environment.  


All our activities are inclusive and designed for all ages and abilities (Ideal for families and organised groups too). Our Artwork will be displayed on each side of the shelter and there  will be an Activity board from each Artist with a description of engaging activities to enjoy.  

From 20th June 2022 our dedicated website  Instagram – Facebook – Twitter and YouTube platforms will launch.  

We hope many people will then take this opportunity to join and follow us in readiness for  our seafront Exhibition when they can share their images, lyrics and stories which will then  be showcased and shared at our social media platforms and dedicated website.

Meet the Coastal Creatives at the West Buildings Shelter // Friday 12th August //  15.00 – 17.00

Bring a sketchbook to try out the activities.  

All enquiries at:

Amanda Beck: Surfer
Chris Beck: Pebble Face
Carmen: Octopus
Amanda Beck: Surfers Against Sewage Worthing Protest March

Amanda Beck: Surfers Against Sewage Worthing Protest March