Friends of Independent Lives: Postcards from Disability Pride Month


Friends of Independent Lives: Postcards from Disability Pride Month Worthing

The participants at Friends of Independent Lives are getting ready to share their stories & lived experiences through a series of workshops developing a series of postcards.


The Postcards from Disability Pride Month Worthing project aims to share the stories of up to 10 disabled people from the Worthing & Adur with local communities during Disability Pride Month, July 2023. Participants will be given the opportunity to take part in free online or face-to-face creative writing workshops to develop a piece of creative writing to feature on a postcard telling their personal story. These postcards will be available at venues and retailers in and around Worthing.

This project will be supported and driven by Friends of Independent Lives, a local group of disabled people and carers who have come together to help build a fairer society. They would like to hold these workshops, and share the personal stories they reveal, to give disabled people a platform to share their experiences with the Worthing community.

Friends of Independent Lives is a free membership programme which aims to allow as many people as possible to help shape the services which they provide.


Key Dates

Disability Pride Month – July 2023

Stall at Worthing Town Centre Market – Wednesday 19 July 2023

The free postcards are available to collect at various Worthing retailers and venues and you can also order them through their website here

Find out more about the artists that took part in the workshops here.


Friends of Independent Lives at Worthing Market