Into the Wellderness



Into the Wellderness

Filmmaker Morgan Andrews, will be collaborating with The Wellderness CIC to interview & work with participants who access the service. Morgan will include local illustrators & musicians in the film, whilst also showcasing the natural beauty of Adur & Worthing.


The short documentary film will focus on the people living in Adur & Worthing, and how they help themselves by interacting with the immediate environment.

The core of the film will centre around interviews of people who are involved in local groups that are trying to enrich the lives of people in the local and surrounding area by bringing them together and get back in touch with nature through a variety of group workshops, activities and events. A community interest company, The Wellderness will be the initial starting point.

Founded in January 2021 by Matt Dumbleton & Mark Cropley. The Wellderness is a non-profit, community interest company that brings people together in Nature, for workshops, courses & events – all tailored to improve wellbeing, increase knowledge, skills and experiences and raise awareness and encourage action to tackle environmental issues.

Morgan will also work alongside local illustrator Elissa Flynn and local musicians Mel Maelo and Gabhain Mac Aodha to create a truly engaging piece of film that will reach beyond an audience solely interested in the topics of environment or personal development to showcase the talents of those both in front of and behind the camera.


Key Dates

Film Screenings: Dates TBC.


Into the Wellderness