Joe Bunn: The Bard of Worthing presents Sussex 24 Hour Novel

2 – 3 October 2021


24 local writers. 24 hours. One novel.

This literary project is pretty much what it says on the tin, 24 writers are gathered together to create a work of fiction of around 75,000 words and it will all be planned, written and edited within 24 hours. The result of this will be a literary tome with a punk DIY ethic and melting pot of influences and styles. Watch and marvel as authors of varying levels of experience, from the hobbyist to professional, to collaborate and work in a different way.

In getting this group together I also wanted to inspire the public by showing them the multitudes of ways in which you can get into writing and develop your own style. To showcase my project the writers will be ‘on display’ throughout the planning phase on day one, people can pop in and witness the creative process. On day two there will be interactive workshops for all ages, readings from our authors and a full display showing each of their notes and scribbles, helping people visualise an idea becoming a reality.

We’re creating a book in a day (and hopefully a few new writers as well.)


On Saturday 2nd drop in for some casual workshops based on literary experiments.

On Sunday 3rd at 14.00 join a 90-minute free workshop

Where are you on your creative writing journey? Masses of ideas but don’t know where to start? Loads of stuff written but don’t know what to do next? Or knee deep in rejection slips?
Wherever you are, every writer, no matter how successful, has been there at some point in their writing career.
If you want to try your hand at writing a story, a play, or a poem, this 90-minute workshop will help you:
Generate ideas
Explore ways to develop those ideas
Improve confidence in your writing
Have some fun
Suitable for 12+
Elaine Ruth White