Just Add Water: Creative Commissions

Just Add Water

Adur & Worthing is the perfect place for sea swimming. Kristian Coburn will work with local swimmers with the aim to inspire residents to give it a go for themselves. Just Add Water is a short film including lots of different voices from the diverse community of sea swimmers based in Adur & Worthing: both those who’ve been doing it for years and those who’ve only recently discovered the joys of sea swimming, like Kristian. 


Kristian moved from London to Worthing with his family three years ago, his film; Just Add Water, serves as a love letter to the town, showing the stunning sunrises and sunsets, and the beautiful nature and changing seasons, all as a backdrop to the many individuals who swim in the sea regularly.

The film will include interviews with local sea swimmers of all ages and experience. Alongside the interviews, which will all be delivered straight to camera, there will be footage of the swimmers both in the water and socialising with each other, as well as cinematic shots of Worthing’s coastline using slow-motion photography, timelapses and drone footage.

Kristian will also be working with a variety of local creatives to produce and star in the film;

Worthing-based Adam Moffat-Seaman who works in the visual arts, is assisting with filming and editing.

Local drone operator Michael Childs specialises in capturing beautiful seascapes from the air and will provide fantastic aerial photography that will really show off Worthing’s seafront.

Mike Pailthorpe, who’ll compile a selection of original music for the film’s soundtrack, runs the Music Production course at Northbrook College and works with numerous local musicians and songwriters.

Katie Sollohub is a Shoreham-based artist recently completed her project ‘IMMERSED 2021’ which culminated in an exhibition of paintings of sea swimmers at the West Buildings Shelter, Worthing.

Dan Flanagan runs Dad La Soul, an organisation that aims to tackle the social isolation that some fathers are affected by. Kristian will be interviewing Dan to hear how sea swimming helps him with his own mental health and how he organises group swims with other members of Dad La Soul.

Local artist Nadia Chalk runs Creative Waves, a community arts organisation that produces fantastic work, including the permanent displays along Worthing Pier. Nadia has been a sea swimmer for over twenty years so has lots of stories to tell!

David Batchelor runs the Fire, Sea & Salt Sauna on Worthing seafront. His customers take dips in the sea between sauna sessions and he’s seen a huge surge in interest since starting 9 months ago.

Key Dates

Launch party and premier screening // Coast Cafe // 16 August // From 20.00 // Please RSVP

Public screening // Level 1 // 31 August // Time TBC.

Film Screening at Camp Good Life, North Wales // 17 September.