Lemonade x Laser Light City

App available to download from 13 December 2021

Enjoy at Laser Light City 16 & 17 December

‘Lemonade’ is an innovative app that allows users to discover & listen to music in a location. Download the Lemonade app (Apple and Android versions available) and discover specially composed, brand new, exclusive music from local musicians & artists.

Designed to complement the free Laser Light City event on 16th and 17th December, songs will be located along the coast from East to West Worthing. As you move along the coast the app will find the music!

Having secured Innovate UK funding, the future looks very bright for Lemonade. Come and try it out before the rest of the world, here in Worthing. 

In May 2021, a ‘public beta’ version of location-based music platform, Lemonade, went live for Brighton Festival 2021 on Apple phones. Since June, their team has been evolving the platform and they are proud to be able to debut the first ‘public beta’ version for all phones – iPhone and Android – to coincide with Laser Light City in Worthing.