Queens on the Coast

Queens on the Coast

The Queens are coming to town! 

Coordinated by student and drag artist, Jacob Chilmaid, expect an evening of performance, dance, singing and lip-synching at Coast Cafe. 


Queens on the Coast will showcase local talent, kickstart the drag scene and promote Worthing as a LGBTQI friendly place to live and visit. In partnership with Coast Cafe, the event includes 9 drag performers with a range of diverse, exciting and creative talents.

Hosted by Isabelle End & performances by; Sofia Hole, Molly Maehem, Madilyn Hatter, Mommy Issues, Faye Femme, Poppie Black Blood, Aurora, Pasha & Vanity Von Queef.

Key Dates

Queens on the Coast – 14 June // Start at 19.00 // Tickets £5 (plus booking fee) here.


Instagram:   https://www.instagram.com/isabelle.end_


Queens on the Coast Poster