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CREW: RE-loved Worthing Style

In the age of fast fashion and significant failure of efficient textile recycling, this project is a challenge for local people of all ages and abilities to upcycle items of clothing, revamping them and adding style and showing that Adur & Worthing are at the creative forefront of making a difference to the climate emergency.


Kathy and Sally, instigators of fortnightly Stitch it upcycling sessions at CREW (Climate Resilience Centre Worthing) since September 2023. They will work with local charity shops, local charities such as; Superstar Arts and Turning Tides, and Northbrook College textile students. They will help participants re-structure and embellish their own or unsellable garments.

There will also be the opportunity for local creatives to access workshops at CREW on basic repairing/upcycling techniques to ‘can’t sew-ers’.

Key Dates

Dates TBC.

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