Upon Seeing The Sun Disappear Behind The Barn


Upon Seeing The Sun Disappear Behind The Barn


Simon Wilkinson is creating a smartphone app for an augmented reality story which will explore the relationship between a medical robot and a child who is in that robot’s care – a narrative which compares the way the robot sees the world with the way the child sees the world exploring what it means to be human.


Augmented reality is a relatively new technology which utilises the camera on a smartphone. When the camera detects an image which it has been trained to recognise, it augments that image with additional content, creating a hybrid moment where virtual and real reality combine to make something immersive and interactive.

Simon has previously created AR stories for shows which enjoyed touring to over 35 nations and featured in Tate Modern. Since the pandemic he has been working closer to home.

Collaborating with artist Myra Appannah, together they will work on the development of 3D modelling, app development, sound design and production.

This work presents a beautiful story which explores this further, but because the artwork is also using artificial intelligence and augmented reality, it allows the artwork to be a two way conversation through interactivity.


Key Dates

Exhibition at Worthing Dome // Time tbc.