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Charlotte Petts: Stories from the Lido

Using the Lido Cafe as a source of inspiration, audio creator Charlotte Petts, will be capturing the stories resulting in three audio pieces and a zine produced in collaboration with Bridget Prince.


Whilst the changes in Worthing over the last few years have been very positive, some of the traditional seaside history is at risk of being lost. This project aims to capture some of that history through listening to the customers of the iconic seafront Lido cafe, used by many as a place of refuge – offering company and affordable prices.

Charlotte will spend three days in the Spring and Summer capturing the voices of the customers and the staff. She will then work closely with Bridget to create a ‘zine that will represent these stories.

The stories will be edited into recordings into three audio pieces based on each visit. These recordings will then be posted for free on SoundCloud – a QR code will also feature in the printed ‘zine.

Key Dates

Launch // September 2024


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