Sustainability Through Children's Voices

Sustainability Through Children’s Voices

Artist & Educator Alison Wain will partner with local artists & environmental organisations to host sessions at beaches in Adur.  This process will be documented through film to create a documentary highlighting children’s voices, thoughts & ideas on environmental issues.


To demonstrate the importance of the beach as a learning resource, and the importance of sustainability in children’s lives, they will meet on the beach between April and June 2023, over 6-8 weekly sessions.

Their journey is interlinked with workshops with local environmental groups; Keep Lancing Lovely Worthing CREW and local multi-disciplinary artists; Georgia Yiapanis, Carmen Haselup & Chloe Penney. The children will have
opportunity for creative response and reflection, to consider their relationship and connection to the environment, and offer support in being protagonists of their future.

Key Dates

Film screening date TBC.





Sustainability Through Children's Voices