Land and Light is a series of 4 events that will bring individuals from the local community together to celebrate summer solstice during June 2021. These events will occur in 4 different and accessible local green and blue spaces in and around Worthing and Adur. Each event will support participants to connect to themselves, each other, to the green and blue local space by using natural materials to create impermanent individual and joint pieces of land art. The event will include a sensory mindful walk, collecting of natural materials and creating land art. Words and poems inspired by the experience will be gathered together and woven into a communal poem to be shared and documented by Wild Gathering.

All creative pieces will be photographed, documented and shared through our social media channels and a page will be dedicated to the project on our website.

Our 2-hour event will provide the opportunity for individuals, from local community groups, to collect together to reflect upon and be inspired by their local green and blue environment with the support of Wild Gathering. Each event will occur at different times of the day including morning, afternoon and dusk to enable participants to experience the change of light and essence of connecting to nature.

Wild Gathering comprises of Sian Jones and Kate Drake, who are Eco Practitioners supporting individuals to experience and connect with nature and respond to this connection by creating ephemeral land art that over time returns to the land. The importance of offering these events through June is to celebrate and mark the middle of the year and the longest daylight hours of the year.

All events will follow COVID guidelines and we will adhere to numbers of participants attending each event as per guidelines.

Wild Gathering can be contacted at or their website.