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Worthing Dance & Music Trail

During Worthing Festival 2024; A unique immersive trail across 4 venues in Worthing; showcasing local dance & music performances. Featuring; Harpists, Violinists, Belly & Salsa Dancers and DJ’s this is the perfect opportunity to explore the creativity of Worthing Town Centre.


Join for a thrilling journey through music and dance.

. 4 independent Worthing venues hosting 4 interactive performances over 2 hours, featuring:
· Enchanting Harpist Heather Wrighton
· Soul Stirring Singer and Guitarist Romany Gilmour
· Mesmerising Belly Dancer Bárbara Carvalho
· Vibrant Salsa Show from Worthing Latin Dance Performance Group

Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate Worthing’s cultural diversity and offerings in a unique and immersive way.

Each venue will host a 30-minute interactive performance, creating a dynamic trail that engages attendees in an exploration of Worthing’s cultural tapestry.

Key Dates

Worthing Dance & Music Trail // Sunday 23 June // 12.30 – 14.30 // £10 – 15 // Tickets here.


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