Acid Box: Comics, Electronic Music, Careers & Health

Acid Box: Comics, Electronic Music, Careers & Health

Acid Box is a participatory arts project run by Sara Kenney and her team of freelancers at Wowbagger Productions, based in Worthing. Activities take place from March to December 2023 – digitally on a global level and in person within Worthing, Lancing & Littlehampton.


Acid Box is a 130-page comic by James Devlin (artist), Sara Kenney (Worthing based writer), Sofie Dodgson (colourist), Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (letterer), Kirsten Murray (editor) & Joe Stone (designer).

The project team invite young creatives (16-35 years old) to journey with them to explore i) history of rave and resistance movements; ii) use of psychoactive drugs in culture (both recreational and medicinal); iii) a toolkit for life as a freelancer.

Workshop speakers include Karen Berger (comic editor); Shelly Bond (comic editor); Dr Cressida Bowyer (scientist & founding member of KLF); Toya Delazy (musician); Jeremy Deller (Artist); Prof Divya Jindal-Snape (life transitions); Dr Suzi Gage (psychologist/ Say Why to Drugs podcast & book); Joe Muggs (music journalist); Prof David Nutt (neuropsychopharmacology); Irvine Welsh (writer).
It’s an international participatory arts project with 20 participants based in England, Kenya, Scotland & South Africa. Out of the total cohort four participants are from Worthing.

This project explores how sound system culture has helped people find unity and resilience particularly in times of social unrest and how this can lead to powerful experiences of belonging and in some cases positive social change. The young people are supported through their creative practice of combined arts with career guidance and group mentoring.


Key Dates

Public Library Workshops in Autumn 2023 – Worthing, Littlehampton & Lancing.
Showcase in Worthing, Autumn – 2023.


Sara Kenney –

Jimmy Devlin: Jade, Rhonda, Rani