#WeMakeWorthing is a campaign initiated by Colonnade House in collaboration with Discover Worthing (now Time for Worthing) that aims to platform and grow the network of creatives and entrepreneurs that make our seaside town a colourful and exciting place to be. As a thriving gallery and set of studios in the centre of Worthing, we are passionate about sharing local projects and helping people to be involved in the creative community.

We launched the campaign by producing a video that tells just a few stories of what it is like to be a maker or innovator in Worthing. Our interviewees took us on a journey that showed us the interesting places we can visit, the events we can attend, the projects they’ve made and the communities behind them. From the ever-growing Worthing Artists Open Houses to the first Algaenarium, Worthing is home to a huge number of people doing original things and making Worthing the place that it is.

The #WeMakeWorthing series has continued with films featuring other artists and makers across Worthing, some taking the form of interviews whilst others simply feature the creatives creating or performing their work.

Click on the links below to see the other films:

– Walter Wall

– Salvage Sounds

– Nicky Bell

– Barry Williams

Follow us @ColonnadeHse to keep updated with our stories. We invite you to use the hashtag #WeMakeWorthing to tell yours.

Our hope for the future is that the hashtag will expand as people use it to promote their work and discover the ideas of others. We hope it will strengthen the existing community and inspire people to get involved, create new things and form new relationships.

Those featured in the opening film:

Nadia Chalk: Creative Waves Co-Founder and Illustrator

Zach Walker: Audio Visual Artist

Anne Thwaites and Debs Butler: We Are Pollinator Pioneers

Peon Boyle: Printmaker

Anna Vartiainen: Artist and Printmaker

Dan Flanagan:  Founder of Don’t Believe The Hype, TotRockinBeats & Dad La Soul