For this instalment of #WeMakeWorthing we filmed Salvage Sounds who  recently took over the studio gallery at Colonnade House and entertained all who entered with their wonderful songs and beautifully handmade instruments.

Salvage Sounds will next be at Green Dreams Festival demonstrating and selling their hand made cigar box guitars as well as taking orders for canjos and pencil case strumsticks!

More about Salvage Sounds:

“Salvage Sounds are a family run “alternative luthier” based in Worthing on the South Coast of the United Kingdom. We specialise in the creation of non-conventional stringed instruments centred around re-purposed parts and upcycled materials. Whether it be an old cigar box, empty coffee tins, the registration plate of a long-scrapped vehicle, or a wooden pencil case – our designs are often quirky and unusual, yet always functional, playable musical art pieces… Art creating art.

Each instrument is deliberately simplified, with fewer strings than their standard equivalents, so that the enjoyment of playing can be accessible to all ages and abilities. The production process is similarly stripped-down. There are no workshops or heavy-duty machinery involved in the manufacture of our instruments. Save for the use of a basic electric drill, each is made almost entirely using only remedial hand tools: saws, files, hammer and chisel… and lots of sandpaper.”

#WeMakeWorthing is a campaign initiated by Colonnade House in collaboration with Discover Worthing that aims to platform and grow the network of creatives and entrepreneurs that make our seaside town a colourful and exciting place to be. As a thriving gallery in the centre of Worthing, we are passionate about sharing local projects and helping people to be involved in the creative community.

#WeMakeWorthing will continue with more video interviews made by us that champion local creatives.

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salvage sounds perform wmw