It’s been a busy few months and there’s been plenty happening across Worthing for this year’s Creative Commissions. Find out about what some of the projects got up to and what’s to come.

Finished Projects

The team at Worthing Dementia Hub, as part of Dementia Friendly Worthing has a vision to create an inclusive dementia friendly community. Their Dementia Friendly Choir ‘Stay Vocal’ rehearsed and performed to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III. The project was a success with 150 people attending the ceremony. It enabled them to work alongside other communities and spread the awareness of dementia.

“The funding has had a lasting impact on Worthing Dementia Hub as it allowed us to run the Dementia Friendly Choir free for a year which is an amazing community resource and is accessed by many different people.”

After a successful run of their event ‘Past, Present & Future’ at The Connaught, Worthing Film Club brought their funded project to the gallery. The event brought visitors to Colonnade House where they could immerse themselves in the history of cinemas in Worthing, enjoy a short film festival of local filmmakers and share their own stories. They received lots of great feedback from visitors who shared their own stories of past cinemas in Worthing.

The Drawing Room in collaboration with Artists Models INK brought their surrealist life drawing event to Worthing. Inspiring those who were complete beginners and those who were practising artists, they set up an event that got everyone involved. The event was a great success with many people coming along to get involved in an afternoon of life drawing that was enjoyed by all.

More to come…

Figment Arts: Kaleidoscope

During Easter and May, Highdown Gardens hosted a series of Discover Day workshops that encouraged exploration and discovery through a range of creative activities and events by Rainbow Shakespeare Theatre, a pop-up drawing table by Figment Arts, sessions run by creative waves and more.

They will also be having an exhibition at Colonnade House from Tuesday 19 – Sunday 24 September to celebrate a season of creative activities exploring art and nature to bring you a taste of a creative season at Highdown Gardens. 

‘A Day of Print’ took place at the start of June, the first of many workshops that are taking place At The Circular Space in Shoreham as part of ‘A Summer of Print’. 

A collaborative project running experimental printmaking workshops for different groups within the local Adur community that uses some of the wide variety of everyday reclaimed materials and items donated to The Scrap Space for printing with and onto. ‘A Summer of Print is in full swing now with plenty more workshops coming up this month. Find out more about the upcoming workshops on their website.

Artist and educator Alison Wain has partnered with local artists and environmental organisations to host sessions at beaches in Adur. Hoping to demonstrate the importance of the beach as a learning source, they met between April and June to document their journey highlighting children’s voices, thoughts and ideas on environmental issues. 

Sight Support Worthing Workshop

Alison Wain; 

“We finished all the initial workshops on the beach with the children last week, and I’m reflecting through the footage to see what we have, how the direction of the final project looks and anything we can develop further with the children by having further sessions after the summer. The children connected with the beach through music, poetry and through found objects, and enjoyed discussions with local artists with these disciplines, as well as hearing from local community individuals who volunteer to care for the beach.”

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