Films, funding and everything else in February!

Films on the Gallery Wall
Saturday 1 – Sunday 9 February.

February begins with our festival of film that reaches beyond the gallery walls and into venues around Worthing. We begin with an in-depth exploration of the world of cinema sound, travel on to the US-Mexico border with Haitian migrants Robens and James in Cheche Lavi, and follow director Werner Herzog’s obsessive journey to make the film Fitzcarraldo and beyond this there is a world of filmmaking to explore. The programme also includes a platform for local film-making at Cellar Arts Club and worldwide contemporary animation curated in partnership with Persistent Peril. We also host the wonderfully named One Bum Cinema Club and with the generous support of our sponsors are delighted to be presenting this exciting programme of film in Worthing.

Animated Gallery

Persistent Peril : Animated Gallery
4 – 9 February // 10.00 – 17.00 // Free entry

Art comes to life in this show by Colonnade House’s resident animation studio Persistent Peril. Using augmented reality app Artvive you will see artwork as never before. Expect fun, colour, and total amazement from this unique show.

Creative Commissions 2020

Creative Commissions 2020
11 – 16 February // 10.00 – 17.00 // Free entry

A final opportunity to view the projects funded last year through the Creative Commissions programme. The deadline for this year is 1st March, so get thinking about what creative projects you could do in Adur & Worthing with up to £500 or a 3D printer!

Mary Kinsella

Mary Kinsella : Colour
11 – 16 February // 10.00 – 17.00 // Free entry

Love is in the air this week and Mary Kinsella’s colourful show is the perfect match with plenty of exuberant expression and hearts in all the right places. You might even find the perfect gift for someone special right here!

Suzy Gee

Suzy : Light and Dark
18- 23 February // 10.00 – 17.00 // Free entry

Be prepared to meet two sides of artist Suzy in this exhibition. Her creative work really took off when she learned how her art could convey a wide range of experiences, both the light and the dark ones. Life isn’t always comfortable and this is reflected in Suzy’s work, along with the ability of art to help us make sense of life.

Stuart Hutchinson

Stuart Hutchinson : Chasing the Light – Water
25 February – 1 March // 10.00 – 17.00 // Free entry

How do you capture something that moves, reflects, thunders and trickles, and which mirrors light and the landscapes around it in its own depths? Stuart has distilled this fundamental element of life into a stunning collection of new work that he made over six months in different locations around the UK.


Artist Opportunity

CVAN South East is seeking an Artist Member to join its Steering Group. The purpose of this role is to provide insight on issues affecting artists in the region and ensure that artists’ voices are incorporated into the direction and oversight of the network’s activity. The artist’s voice is a vital part our governing structure.