March at Colonnade House

Spring arrives and with it a collection of exhibitions that will warm you up nicely.

Read on to find out about these and other news and opportunities.

Creative Commissions 2022
Deadline 13 March 2022

There is still time to submit your proposal for this year’s Creative Commissions programme. Apply for up to £1000 for a creative project to take place in Worthing and/or Adur this year. You must collaborate with at least one other creative, and there must be opportunities for the public to be involved. Take a look at the full details of the scheme and have a peek at last year’s projects including Creative Waves, Moonink & Alice Mara.

Venture Coders Workshop
The Luminous and the Grey
Until 6 March // 10.00 – 17.00 // Free

Don’t miss this multi-media group exhibition which includes the incredible Murmuration from Isolation by Ellie Bond, as well as photographysculpture and ceramics by this talented group of artists and tutors from Northbrook MET.

The Luminous and the Grey
Mark Munroe – Preston: Lightscapes
8 – 13 March // 10.00 – 17.00 // Free, Open daily

Clever layering of photographs, textures, paintings and drawings result in these striking images that evoke other-worldly landscapes. Printing onto aluminium means that light behaves differently and takes these images into another realm that is not photography or printing or painting but somehow incorporates a sense of all three.

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Tom Gillham: alT vieW poinT
8 – 19 March 2022 // 10.00 – 17.00 // Free, Open daily

Fresh from the studio are Tom’s latest works, mostly made during lockdown over the last year in his garden studio. Having limits on where he could go led to unlimited exploration of his memories of place, colour and light and the paintings have a joyful quality that may reflect how unreachable those places were at the time.

Liz English: Look up and Feel the Magic
Alison Tyldesley & Diane Bailey: Synergy
15 -19 March 2022 // 10.00 – 17.00 // Free, Open daily

There are some dynamic interactions going on in this exhibition – not just the flow of paint and zingy palettes, but also the close interaction between the two artists who return for their third joint exhibition. This time Alison and Diane have taken it a step further and worked collaboratively on a series of canvases, putting their styles and techniques into a big blender to see what will come out. The results are brilliant.


Alison Tyldesley & Diane Bailey
Steve Gallagher: Beautiful World
22 -27 March 2022 // 10.00 – 17.00 // Free, Open daily

You might remember Steve Gallagher from the 2021 exhibition at the West Buildings Shelter on Worthing promenade. Continuing from the successful exhibitions of lock down photography, Fine art photographer Steve is ready to show his new limited edition prints. Whether it’s the stamen of a rampion orchid or stark white cliffs at Seven Sisters, he uses his lens to capture intricate detail of local flora and vast panoramic rugged beachscapes.


Steve Gallagher: Seven Sisters
Sue Mulholland: Art For The Heart
29 March – 3 Apr 2022 // 10.00 – 17.00 // Free, Open daily

Sue Mulholland aka Gigglewick brings life and colour to the gallery. After living in Worthing for many years, Sue is excited to show a new collection of original paintings which are often inspired by daily wanderings along the coast with her four-legged companion, Phoebe. Sue paints from the heart and in her paintings the wonderful tales of travels abroad collide with scenic yet mystical Sussex-scapes.


Sue Mulholland
Mature Learners Open Event
10 March // 18.00 – 20.0

Interested in pursuing a career in the creative industries? Find out more at this free event at GB MET’s West Durrington Campus.

Free admission: email to register 


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