Blow away those leaves and cobwebs and find the buried treasure in Worthing.
Old Cartshed Studio: Elemental
25 August – 5 September // 10.00 – 17.00 // Closed Sundays & Mondays

Moody atmospheres, smoky colours and the processes of growth and decay inspire these three artists who work together at Old Cartshed Studios. Mike Lainchbury smoke-fires and polishes ceramic orbs until they have the look of newly-discovered planets. Shona Macdonald’s bird sculptures recreate the grace and movement of living creatures from remnants of driftwood and dried grasses. Peon Boyle decorates her ceramics with the imprints of feathers and flowers, layers colourful leaves in her collagraphs and outlines ghostly moths in her monoprints. All together this exhibition is a perfect complement to the misty delights of autumn. Grab a glass of wine and join them on Instagram for their virtual private view on Monday 31st August from 20.00.

Desiree Hart, Kim Thompson, Chris Prince: Natural Perspectives
8 – 13 September // 10.00 – 17.00 // Free entry

A little bird tells me that we are in for a treat with this show. Not just one but three fantastic wildlife artists are showing their prints, paintings and photography. They met on a safari in northern Botswana and share a passion for getting up close to wildlife but it’s not just the unusual and exotic, they are equally enthralled by creatures closer to home. Follow the link to find out more about both their art and their commitment to preserving the natural world.

Steve Gallagher: From the Land Plenty, From the Sea Health
18 – 23 August // 10.00 – 17.00 // Free entry

If you didn’t already know, the title of Steve Gallagher’s exhibition is the translation of Worthing’s Latin motto, and both land and sea have provided him with endlessly fascinating subjects. Using his skills as a commercial photographer, Steve has turned to his personal work with an eye for colour and form and marries intricate detail with powerful composition. Steve is including some large format prints in his show and his work is guaranteed to make a big impact.

Professional Development Week: September 2020
14 – 19 September

Mixing online and face to face activity, our professional development week is your opportunity to access the skills and knowledge you need to make headway on your creative journey. Join us for YouTube premieres and live events including art workshops, funding advice and hands-on help with using your phone to photograph your work. Click the link below to explore the full programme.

Irma’s Craft: Old Dutch Masters to Contemporary Ascot Hats
15 – 19 September // 10.00 – 17.00 // Free entry

An expert in the craft of Deco Clay, Irma creates stunning life-like flowers that will last forever. Irma’s latest collections draw on fine art and fine clothing, taking the tradition of Old Master paintings and transforming them into 3D, and creating bountiful floral decorations for hats. If you are new to this art,  come along and be amazed!

Artworks & Pottery: Patrick Duff, Jan Barnett, Jackie Brooks
22 – 27 September // 10.00 – 17.00 // Free entry

Racing to the finish for the last week of September is this group show by three artists who are exhibiting together for the first time. Each of them lives locally, but their inspiration is drawn from wider experiences in their careers, travels and study of other artists. This exhibition proves there is no end to creativity in later life when you can finally swap the daily commute for a studio with a view and spend all your time making art. 

Craft Participation for a New Landscape
3 September // 10.00 – 14.00 // Free – via Zoom

The Space to Make project that we ran in January will be one of the case studies featured in this Zoom conference that takes a fresh look at community participation in craft and making in the light of Covid-19 and BLM. 

Photo Fringe: Take/Make
3 – 31 October

Photo Fringe is coming to Worthing in October and there is still time to sign up and take part. Get some top tips about how to promote yourself in this free talk from Kate O’Neill – Marketing & Partnerships Manager at Metro Imaging in London. 

And finally…

Here are a few things we’ve noticed in the online world. Worthing Digital will present a lunchtime talk on 24 September focussing on how to use digital tools to generate more business, and how to use psychology to develop your brand. The Digital Culture Network has launched a new website that gathers together digital skills advice and resources for people working in arts and culture – from audience engagement to e-commerce and everything in between. In a difficult year for graduates, CVAN South East – the network for contemporary art – have announced this year’s 2020 Platform Graduate Award – follow the link to find out where you can see the finalists on show in galleries and online. If digital art is your thing, the next event on 15 September for the DRIVA programme is an exploration of how artists make sense of data to create new kinds of work including immersive experiences that harness digital technology.